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The belgian city of Ostend becomes the first town to equip all its secondary schools with educational humanoid robots


Zora Bots is currently conquering the world with its unique solution especially designed for humanoid robots. Now, Zora Bots is about to change the way education system prepares the future generations to the ongoing technology revolution. In Belgium, a newstep has just been made in that field with the support of Zora solutions. Comitted in an ambitious digitilization program, the town of Ostend (West Flanders) becomes today the first smart city in Europe to equip all its secondary schools with a humanoid robot. That means no student in secondary cycle will be deprived of having his first coding experience with a robot.

The Zora application has become a key reference in new generation robotics and is already widely adopted in healthcare and education. A news step has just been made
in robot assisted education. Thanks to Zora Bots, the belgiantown of Ostend is now the first in Europe, and probably in theworld, to equip all its secondary schools with humanoid robots.

With that significant investment (over 122.000 euros), this city of west Flanders aims to help young generations familiarizewith new technologies. Concretely, the humanoid robots will stand in classes to assist teachers and allow pupils to taketheir first steps into coding and robotics. The robot will mainly be used during STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classes.

A total of 12 robots equipped with the Zora solution are currently being rolled out in the 10 secondary schools of Ostend. That represents almost 6.000 students who will have at least one weekly contact with a robot.

The idea behind empowering STEM learning for the young generations is that you don’t have and you should not to wait high school and university, to learn how to design and program a robot.

Most of people would be be surprised to see what we canteach in robotics simply using bricks and boxes in a software. And surprised too seeing the infinite skills and passion we canshowcase in young kids and teenagers’s hands thanks to ahumanoid robot. For Kurt Claeys the alderman in charge of the digitilization program in Ostend city, the intuitive solutiondevelopped by Zora Bots is a way to move forward in the global vision of a smart city.

« We need both teachers and students to follow the growth of AI and robotics in our society. When you think about it,this could be a way to improve our competitiveness in science and technology development. And in the same time, it’s the key to build smart and future-proof minds in a really funny manner" , explain Tommy Deblieck and Fabrice Goffin, co-CEOs of Zora Botscompany.

For Kurt Claeys, benefits of robot assisted education areobvious and a strategical choice : "In class or homeworking, youngest generations will be able to discover the world of robotics, practice and follow in a very easy, concrete and funny way the general program in maths or science. The cute Zora robot (based on Nao humanoid robot/ Softbank Robotics) is perfect to entertain children
while they learn, to keep them focus whatever the subject is".