Bart Versluys

Bart Versluys supports the worldwide growth of Zora bots and becomes a new shareholder (Press Release)


The real estate developer Bart Versluys is entering, via his private investment Scorpiaux Holding, the Zora Bots Company’s capital. He’s becoming a new major shareholder and will hold 25% of the Belgian company. Bart Versluys and Zora Bots Company share the same views about the huge future of robotics and how society could use new technologies, today and tomorrow..

This is great news for Zora Bots. Bart Versluys is becoming, via his private investment holding Scorpiaux a 25% shareholder and will support the company’s development. Other shareholders are the co-CEOs of Zora Bots (50%) and Summa (25%).
The arrival of this major investor confirms the massive growth of Zora Bots and will definitely gives new impetus to robotics sector in Belgium but also across the world.

The Belgian company Zora Bots is currently conquering the world with its disruptive and unique software especially
designed for Humanoid Robots. In two years the Zora application has become a key reference in new generation robotics.
The Zora solution is already widely adopted in elderly care facilities and healthcare business. Thanks to Zora Bots,

Belgium is the first country with such an extensive use of humanoid robots in healthcare and human services. Bart Versluys, who is always on the lookout for innovative solutions, believes that future of robotics is promising. He’s convinced of the huge growth potential of the company and also believes that Zora Bots is the way to engage Belgium in this technological revolution.
Tommy Deblieck and Fabrice Goffin have an extensive experience and knowhow. Zora Bots is a world leader and pioneer in its sector. This is the reason I wanted to join this great adventure”, Bart Versluys said.


Zora Bots creates disruptive technologies and think “useful innovation”. The company is now taking its next step with the development of new projects dedicated to the mainstream market. With over 400 robots adopted throughout the world, Zora Bots will soon be ready to propose robots that everyone will use at home or at work. Robots no longer belong to science fiction. And a part of the future in robotics may take place here in Belgium, in Oostende.