He’s smart

He’s agile

He can recognize you

He moves like any other robot

He perceives the world with great accuracy

Meet Oliver

Oliver is based on the UO5 robot of CanBot

May the future of robotics be with you

speech interaction

facial recognition

bionic action

self obstacle-avoidance


He sees everything, down to the smallest detail
Thanks to NVIDIA GPU smart control Intel latest real sense technology and its 1080p high definition camera, its infrared cameras, its infrared violet light transmitter, Oliver sees everything for you.

Oliver knows you and recognizes you…
Imagine a new way to greet your clients, a new way to enhance safety and security in any place. Oliver realizes precise facial recognition, instant motion capture and 3D space construction.

Just talk to him, he’ll understand…
He hears every noise with his adjustable microphones. Oliver can analyze voices frequence, soundness, waves, and precisely tracks or locate voice sources, with 3D scenario structure system, 360° all direction pickup within 5 meters...

Let him move, he knows the way...
Base on neural network motion control algorithm and MCU micro-chips unit functions, Oliver can move 360 degree in all direction flexibaly. Every interaction becomes unforgettable when he’s simulating humans actions. Thanks to a network of multi-sensors, Oliver has an incomparable perception of the internal and external world and can navigate autonomously. He will avoid obstacles, move or guide you precisely.

Oliver can follow you everywhere
Don’t worry, Oliver can be tall or small when you need to carry him away for special events. Oliver is entirely dismountable so you can store it in your trunk.

Height: 1280mm
Weight 60KG
Moving speed Max 3.2KM/H

Zora and Pepper are applications based on the NAO and Pepper products of Softbank Robotics.