He makes the show

He’s the best video expert

He moves smoothly

He’s autonomous

Meet Cruzr

Every move makes a great impression
Body language can suggest a lot and Cruzr is really good at it. Thanks to its flexible arms, its 17 servos and its omni-directional wheels, this robot makes every move a real experience. Cruzr will dance, greet your clients or entertain them in a very smooth and stable way.

Cruzr is a real master of ceremony
Change the way you manage your video conferences or the way you interact with your clients thanks to the voice and video Cruzr system. Functions supports cloud computing and use a high-definition audio and video. Cruzr offers a rapid transmission and can also be used as an incomparable video projector. Cruzr is actually a perfect MC in many occasion.

The eyes you need for surveillance/strong>
What if Cruzr enhances safety ? He has the perfect size and the perfect eyes to ensure surveillance missions. Imagine Cruzr as a mobile surveillance camera for real-time monitoring. Equipped with an infrared camera, Cruzr doesn’t mind working at night.

He knows when he should rest
One more thing that makes him really different, Cruzr comes with an automatic docking and recharging solution. Cruzr's battery will give the best for 5-8 hours of active use (24 hr standby). But, don’t worry, if battery gets low, Cruzr will automatically return to its self-charging dock. You don’t have to think for him, he’s the one in charge.

Size: 1195 (H)*521(W)*516(D)mm
Weight: 45KG
Battery: 20Ah 24V
Velocity: Normal speed: 0.3m/s
Highest speed: 1m/s